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AIIMS Panel Allows Human Trial Of India's First Coronavirus Vaccine (Covid-19 Vaccine)

Corona Virus Vacine

The all India institute of medical sciences has said that the human trial of a covet vaccine developed by Bharat Biotech and the Indian council for medical research will undergo human trials from tomorrow 12 sites have been selected by the ICMR. So let’s take a look about this vaccine what is it all about

As far as co-vaccine is concerned it was developed by Bharat Biotech in collaboration with ICMR and national institute of virology now the thing is first of all the DGCI had given permission for human trial for two vaccines one of them is co-vaccine and the vaccine that we are talking about.

Now about the sites which are selected, the ICMR had given permission for 12 sites to test for this particular vaccine on humans and as far as the vaccine is concerned approximately 375 candidates will be selected. The ethics committee of all India Institute of medical sciences Delhi has just given its nod for human tests in their institute approximately 100 candidates will be tested.

The testing has already begun at Aiims partner and some other sites but this will be a major boost. The vaccine is in first phase of testing and later our phase two testing will be done. So it is good news and the development of this vaccine is still undergone but the fight is quite long as far as finding out a proper vaccine. After all of these tests are past then we can say that yes we are making progress.

But the nod has been given after a proper consultation because there were certain questions that were raised by the ethics committee and the nod has only been given after all of these questions have been addressed properly by   the doctors and   the other people involved in this entire operation of human testing that has to be started  from tomorrow.

A form has been on for which people who are volunteering; who want to volunteer to be tested can call or can drop an SMS. So from tomorrow onwards the volunteers can come forward and they can give their names to be tested as far as co-vaccine is concerned.

Conclusion: It is still a trail and results wait time will be long. All we can do is hope for the best and get through with this outbreak safely and quickly.

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