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What do to in Lockdown Time (Quarantine TIme)

What do to in Lockdown Time (Quarantine TIme)

Hey guys seems like everybody is getting bore while in lockdown time and i am sure you must have tried all possible fun ways to kill the time and now your are again searching online what to do in this  lockdown time. It is very important that in this time you do something that value your time don't waste this opportunity.
Here is some best ways that you can take benefit for yourself in this time of lockdown. So before we began don't forget to like this video and if you haven't subscribed us subscribe this channel now.

So Number 1: Make Tik Tok Videos.

Hahaha, May be you are thinking that is something only those people do who has nothing to do in their life or may be jobless or may be whatever. But no no it is a big no. this is not the case. If you make tik tok videos it will increase your confidence level as well as increase your lifestyle. Now you must be thinking how. Correct?
Increase confidence because if remove fear of public speaking and increase lifestyle because confidence always increase your way of talking and everyone knows that the better you speak the better opportunity you create.

Number 2: Learn or master easy dance moves. 

If you are a dancer may be you are already on mastering your dance style in this lockdown time. but if you are a beginner you can start learning or practicing small dance moves that’s does not take much effort or if you want to kill the time i guess this one do the best for you and your body. Especially for those you are a little obese and don't want this obesity increase during lockdown.

Number 3: Practice singing.

 here i know not everybody can’t sing very well. And if you are a bad singer no body want to listen you. But what about those who want to sing even they know they cannot learn it in lockdown period.. this is the great time to download a singing app like Smule to keep practicing or increasing your learning skills and put it on YouTube may be people like your voice and give you like. It very easy and fun for sure.

Number 4: Wattpad stories.

if you are a reader and loves to read new stories you should try wattpad its an online platform where you can read and write a whole new story and publish it on wattpad for everyone to read, it is a best platform to test or increase your writing skill and kill the time if you are reader.

Number 5: Learn a Language.

if you are a language lover ad wants to learn as many as language it’s a best time to pick a language your can learn. There are lots of online free language learning apps and websites available that helps you learn your desired language.

Number 6: You can also try to learn play instruments.

Like piano, guitar or many others. Just go online look for a leaning instruments app and that’s all.

I will not tell you to learn a computer programming language to do any online course because it will cost you money which is unnecessary when you are doing it in this lock-down time and also these thing take lots of time to master. But these things that i told you that you can do in your spare time always.  So, try this all and after quarantine show off your skills to your friends. Hope you guys like this video so press the bell icon to get the notification of our new video.

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