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What  is Third Eye or Pineal Gland

Third Eye Symbol
We're going through an evolution right now. Human being don't meant to stand on in the same place. We were being used to using our 5 senses up till now. It's very limiting because we see, we smell, we feel, but what The Pineal Gland or The Third Eye actually is?

It's located in the middle down your forehead and it correlates to what we call the third eye. You can't see the third eye but it's what we call the sixth sense. It's seen beyond what the five senses see. What happened is that this is a secret that they've known in ancient Egypt, they know it in the Vatican.

Many ancient esoteric traditions and mystical schools knew of the potential and power of Pineal Gland (DMT) or the third eye awakening. The ancient Greeks believed it to be our connection to the realms of thought. Buddhist know it as a symbol of spiritual awakening. In Hinduism the pineal gland function is to connects with the third eye Chakra (The seat of intuition and clairvoyance). Jesus proclaimed that the eye is the lamp of the body so then if your eye is clear your whole body will be full of light.

If the Pineal Gland is indeed the seed of the human soul then these traditions are correct in believing that it serves as the connecting link between the physical and spiritual worlds.

Here are some question that we will read in next chapter.

So how to open the third eye or the pineal eye? 
or is it dangerous to opening third eye?. 
and What is the process and symptoms of the third eye or Pineal gland activation?.

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