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11 Signs That Shows Your Third Eye Is Opening.


Scientific proof that's backing up that spiritual enlightenment comes from our Pineal Gland known as "The Third Eye" depicted as ancients as the seat of the soul. Many people wants to know what are the signs that indicates Pineal Gland is activating or the third eye is opening? and Is opening third eye dangerous?

Here are eleven strange things you will experience when your Pineal Gland - The Third Eye is opening.

1. Increased Pressure In Your Temples.

Gradually you begin to feel an increasing pressure which is subtle at first but increases to energetic pulsation. As the third eye develops this pulsation will seem like a light touch on the forehead and this indicates that the pineal gland is expanding and growing.

2. An Increased Awareness.

Gradually you start having this sense of awareness of things around you when you pay attention. Your intuition sharpens, Without reason you start having warning signals on things that are about to happen and ways you can salvage this situation (just like spider sense more or less). Your thoughts are not always right though but it is a guiding light to the correct path.

3. Headaches.

The feeling of pressure is accompanied by aches you need not worry about this because it's normal. It can be consider as a physical signs that third eye is opening. Headaches may signify that your Kundalini is in the final stage of opening the third eye and that your pineal gland is developing. The Kundalini energy lies dormant in most people but once it begins to spark up it results in headaches and pressure. It activates all the Chakras and gives rise to a fully enlightened state.

4. New Perceptions.

Your life begins to hold new meaning and value as the third eye. Oh opening of the third eye begins the process of reawakening you. You begin to genuinely differentiate truth from false. You wake up to new realities around you. You see people for who they are. With your third eye opening you experience a change in beliefs mindset values vision and passion.

These changes are beneficial as they make you become a better version of yourself. You become more tolerant, understanding, selfless and loving. You begin to drop some things that you felt as priorities and adopt new ones you now know the light and the darkness around you.

5. Practice Conscious Eating.

For you now you know food is not just food you know that it plays a crucial role in your health and well-being so you are now fully careful about what you eat. You notice that some food no longer holds interest in you again. You begin to consciously determine the food you eat it forces you to remove junk from your diet and enjoy natural and healthy meals that will build up your energy level. Your body accepts food which is of value to you and rejects those that are not. With your body signal your going to make the right choice of what to eat

6. Increased Sensitivity To Light And Sound.

With your third eye opening your senses begin to be more aware of light and sound around you. You start seeing some lights brighter than others. You see vivid colors and light which may be overwhelming sometimes. You also become increasingly aware of some sounds and strange sights with increased meditations. Your sensitivity to light and sound sharpens. The sensitivity gives you messages of the world around you and you become increasingly aware of this. You also find that you connect with the different tones of light and sound saying things that others do not understand.

7. You Begin To See Clear And Vivid Dreams.

You'll notice that you start having amazing dreams most of which you remember. These dreams give you an enhanced reality of the world through your thoughts. You realize that there's more to the world than you usually know. You see yourself in a different light. You experience another Sun of the real world. The dreamworld exposes you to unlimited possibilities beyond your imagination.

8. You See The Real Truth In Things.

You begin to understand things you were not clear with and you start seeing them from beyond. You know the truth behind every smile you see beyond people's act. You suddenly begin knowing who loves you and who does not. Who is fake and who is real. You can understand the exact reason for different circumstances and the lessons you learn from them. Everything you experience in life starts passing silent messages to you

9. You Start Thinking More Deeply About The Future.

A vital sign you experience when your 3rd eye opens is that you take the future more seriously. You wants to know what it has to offer as you begin experiencing increased state of reawakening and awareness around you. You start asking deep and relevant questions about the world around you. You begin to connect the past, present and future. You want to know the path your life was meant to chart. you want to know the life you were meant to live. You want to know about the world beyond the universe, the planets and your role in the big picture.

10. You Begin To See Unity In Things.

The third eye opening allows you to find a link between the physical and the spiritual. You find out that everything was for a purpose and you seek to find the meaning of each element in nature especially your purpose in the world story of life itself.

11. You Notice A Lot of Synchronicity And Mirror Numbers.

The third eye opens, you move to a higher state of consciousness you start noticing all the synchronicity around you that has happened all along. You also understand that there are no coincidences. These synchronicity will show to you important accident which are sometimes unlikely useful and ironic. This means the development of your intuition and inner essence these synchronicity are relevant for bringing new people and happenings to your lives at the right time.

You will also notice the mirror numbers as your third eye open. These numbers you will notice everywhere phone numbers, billboards and sign boards etc. You will seem to recognize the same names you have seen and noticed that they follow you everywhere. These numbers are sending you messages from your inner essence or spiritual guides. If you get to understand these numbers and their meanings you can reach out to your guides.

Well those are eleven strange things you will experience when your third eye is opening or signs your third eye is already open. So what's your opinion about this? I hope you enjoy reading this article and if you have something on your mind don't hesitate to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below. don't forget to share this on social media with your friends.

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