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Today We're gonna be going over the top 5 Richest youtubers of 2018 hope that you guys will enjoy

5. MarkiPlier


Now as you may all know Markiplier is one of the biggest youtubers out there and it's safe to say that he's a youtube veteran. He originally started uploading YouTube videos back in 2011 and since then has accumulated over 22 million subscribers and more than 10 billion video views. Needless to say with YouTube's statistics like this Markiplier collects a hefty paycheck each month. After all the businesses Markiplier has been a part of including his YouTube channel he has managed to build a net worth upwards of 9 million U.S. dollars. firstly I think this is crazy I think it's gonna keep going up but I guess I'll have to wait.

4. Logan Paul


Logan Paul is a 22 year old Youtuber and he's the youngest to make this top 5. What I mean by this is that, He's the one who has had this channel for the least amount of time out of all these youtubers on the top 5. Nonetheless Logan Paul has seen tremendous success on YouTube during early 2015 carrying into 2017. But in early 2017 Logan Paul's popularity started going down drastically after the suicide forest incident. Despite all the hate and backlash he received from this mistake Logan Paul still managed to accumulate over 3 billion views in less than three years. As of late 2018 Logan Paul's net worth sits at around 13 million U.S. dollars. This is absolutely mind-blowing considering the fact that Logan Paul is only 22 years old.

3. Dude Perfect


Now dude perfect has been around YouTube for a really really long time honestly it's the kind of telling you almost can't hate because they made content that appeals to almost every age group. So it's not a surprise that up to today they've managed to accumulate over 24 million subscribers. These guys make epic sport related stunt videos as well as comedy sketches and other kinds of videos. Well they're amazing determination and consistency on their YouTube channel has earned them a net worth of 14.5 million dollars as of late 2018 and that's not even including all the other businesses they are a part of.

2. Evan Fong A.K.A Vanoss Gaming


Vanoss Gaming is another one of those youtubers that's been on the platform for ages. Now I used to watch Vanoss a few years ago back when I was a young teenager myself. His content provides great comedy for almost any age group so it's no wonder that to this day he still manages to accumulate over two million views on each one of his videos. Well with all that success balance has earned himself and net worth a 15.9 million U.S. dollars. Vanoss Gaming also doesn't only have a YouTube channel he also has a YouTube read series and his own video game which bring him great revenue. you guys think that's crazy just wait till you hear number one.

1. DanTDM


Now DanTDM is another gaming youtuber who's earned his popularity from minecraft dance . This channel appeals to a much younger audience compared to the other people on this top 5 and he's doing a great job. With a concern that he currently has over 20 million subscribers as of 2018 Dan's net worth is at 16.9 million U.S. dollars. Dan of course has made some of his fortune from YouTube but unlike the other youtubers on this top 5 most of Dan's income has come from his graphic novel he released as well as his YouTube read series to the younger audiences on YouTube. DanTDM is one of the most popular youtubers he has such a big audience and he has a really really big influence on YouTube that has also went on tour and sold out a bunch of shows which is absolutely awesome as a youtuber .

Now after all these I don't think Dan or any of the other youtubers on this list will ever have to worry about money again. So now I hope you guys enjoyed this article if you did don't forget to support it by sharing it with your friends on social media.

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