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How to Cure Depression I The Advice From A Doctor


Did you know that India is the one of the most depressed country in the world? It's about time you save yourself from depressions believe me antidepressants do more harm than good. Antidepressants can also be addictive and cause withdrawal symptoms like insomnia, headaches and tiredness. 

One of the biggest challenges that many doctors have faced in treating patients of depression is that they do not want to be treated. The best way to cure depression is homeopathy. Homeopathy goes to the root of the problem. What it can and does do is to help alter reactions to that circumstance. If depression occurs from a recent disappointment in love the medicine Ignatia may be useful along with homeopathy.

To the question of, How to Cure Depression? Here are some simple steps many doctors recommend to cure Depression.


It is very important for depressed person to accept the reason of depression. It is not only for depressed person also for near by guardian like relatives, friends or family. If you support him/her in this time, The depression will go away in no time.

Do Not Self Medicate

It is also very important to have somebody always be with depressed person and do the medication on time. If a person watch the depressed person medication then at-least he/she will not get wrong medication due to depression.

Check Vitamin D. Levels

Vitamin D helps our mind to work properly and also our body to heal. So, it is very important to depressed person have the sufficient balance of vitamins in depressed person body.


It will help person to be active and healthy most of the time because sometime if we are sick our emotion often get over our mind and let us do something which is not good at all.

Sleep Well

Getting a good sleep helps a depressed person to come out from the tragedy that he/she may have faced. Our mind always wanted to be happy and due to this habit our mind always try to forgot things that cause us feeling sad and sleep helps this process to occur and stay us happy.

    If you make a check list of these five steps and follow the procedure on daily basis you we be get cured in no time. So, stay healthy stay happy.

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