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How ISRO Lost Contact With Chandrayaan Lander Vikram?


On Saturday morning. What exactly went wrong on Chandrayaan-2 Lander Vikram? How it lost contact with ISRO?. It was no ordinary feat Indian scientist pulled off a near-perfect moon landing. Say for some last-minute snags. It all began as planned with the attendance from Prime Minister Modi and selected children from across the country. 

Now here's a look at exactly what happened at 1:52 a.m. The Vikram Lander which was orbiting the moon in a very close orbit began its descent onto the lunar surface. The much-anticipated descent began at 1:37 a.m. The on-board thrusters fired more to bring its speed from a mind-boggling 21,000 kilometers per hour to a breezy less than 20 kilometer per hour. 

As ISRO scientists continued to monitor the downward journey. Vikram cruised through the rare and gaseous lunar atmosphere hurtling towards the moon. There were tense moments followed by applause by the scientist as the spacecraft past the rough descent phase. Advancing smoothly into the final descent phase where the Lander fine-tunes its journey and scouts for the landing spot. All was well till it descended to an altitude of 2.1 kilometers above lunar surface. 

There was a hint that all is not well. Vikram deviating slightly from its planned trajectory. Then ISRO command center then suddenly lost contact with it at 1:52 a.m. Scientist waited for several tense minutes to re-establish contact. As minutes passed by the anticipation ISRO chief went to brief the prime minister on the latest situation. Moment’s later ISRO chief made an announcement confirming the snag.

The spacecraft traveled 3.8 lakh kilometers from start till the point that it was hovering 2.1 kilometers above the lunar surface when the blackout actually took place and communications disappeared. Which means from start to that point 2.1 kilometers above the surface of the moon it was a picture-perfect mission. 

ISRO later said that it is still analyzing data from Lander. As efforts are on to hear back from it, a billion prayers are echoing for ISRO. The nation stands firmly with the space agency proud of its achievement. 

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