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What May Change After Article 370 Revoked

Source : News18 Creative

What May Change After Article 370 Revoked.

  • No Dual Citizenship : Earlier people of Jammu and Kashmir has two citizenship where the citizen of Jammu and Kashmir were citizen of India but citizen of other states of India cannot be a citizen of Jammu and Kashmir. Now there will be only one citizenship applicable.
  • Central Law Can Directly Apply : Centre will apply all existing as well as new law directly to the state. they no longer has to take permission or approval from J&K government.
  • No Separate Law for Jammu & Kashmir : Jammu and Kashmir government can not make any separate law for residents and also can't stop any new law applicable from central government.
  • Anyone From India Can Buy Land and Property : Earlier in Jammu and Kashmir no one outside from Jaamu and Kashmir could buy the land in the state but now due to Ablosihment of Article 370 and 35-a anyone from any state from India can buy land and property in Jammu and Kashmir. Due to this law even girls of kashmir were not allowed to marry an outsider. but thanks to removal to article 370 and 35-a now it is possible for them to marry outside the state.
  • No Two Flags : In Jammu and Kashmir many people used to hoist two flags but due to the scrap of article 370. all other country flag except Indian are illegal.
  • Elections Every Five Years : Just like every other state of India now elections will be held and an independent government will be selected to coordinate with central government.
  • Central Government Can Declare Financial Emergency : Under article 360 now central government call declare financial emergency if they need to for securing the state at the time of financial crisis.
  • Police Will Be Managed By The Central Govt. : Indian Police will be manage whole state affair and keep peace. because in union territory only the central govt can control the police.

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