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Everything You Need To Know About Article 370 and 35-A.

Source : India Times
According to some people, Article 370 was a scar on Indian history where some politicians used it as a tool to fulfill their political desire. We all also know about article 370 and 35-a were just to benefit 3 families. Many politicians still protesting against this historic deed by ruling Government. But thing is, it still left to see what will gonna happen after this?

What will Pakistan do after this order? Is there any situation where riots can happen in Kashmir? or Indian army will be able to keep peace in the state.? What if it is a conspiracy or a master plan for something big? Well, These are some question that we have and we sure will get answers in coming days.

What is article 370 and 35-A. 

These laws give the people of J&K special rights. What were these?
  1. land in J&K, can not be purchased by people belonging to the different states in India. No one is allowed to purchase it. Only permanent residents of J&K can buy and sell the land among each other. 
  2. Scholarships given to students in J&K will also be given only to permanent residents. 
  3. Jobs in the state government will only be given to them. Outsiders will not be given jobs. 
  4. Girls of Kashmir were not allowed to marry outside the state.
These were the Law of article 370 and 35-A mentioned.

The Ruling government was trying and working to remove this the law for a long time. They promised to remove the Article 35-A and 350 laws. and Now its done today on 5-august-2019. This days will be marked as a very important day in Indian history.

History of Article 370 and 35-A.

Long story short, At the time of independence Indian government went to king of Kashmir (because it was a princely state at that time) to have it include in India. But at that time He demanded to be a free region from both India and Pakistan. Just after denial Pakistan attacked on Kashmir and king Hari Singh came to Indian government for the aid. That time with under a contract Kashmir got included as a state of an Independent India but Pakistan prime minister Muhammad Ali Jinnah said India has forcefully got them signed this term. So Abdulallah Sheikh joined contsitutional meeting and result was govt declared Jammu and Kashmir as a special province and article 370 and 35-a got sanctioned.

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