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10 Signs That Shows You Are A Critical Thinker


Have you ever thought about what makes you think about your behavior? How it sometimes very different from others? Why sometimes you do nit get furious about things which are normal for other?. Let's find out. Here are ten signs that shows that how are you a critical thinker.

1. When people talk about views different from yours, you do not get angry. Critical thinkers know that their argument isn’t them, it is only a thought that they think, which can be replaced by another, stronger version if only people would help you think more sharply about it. Hence, they do not get angry when people have a different argument than theirs. They know that just because their thought differs from yours doesn't make it bad so they do not feel the need to get defensive.

2, You are naturally inquisitive. You ask why a lot, but not in an annoying manner If you are a critical thinker, you'll find out that you are always asking questions because you want to find out as much as possible about something before forming an opinion. You are curious and inquisitive, always want to find out all the sides to a story before making a decision

3. You get information and news from a various sources, Critical thinkers knows that most of information sometimes are so molded and come into play in a mainstream media outlet, so they cross check and verify any news or part of information by reading several news sources for one story. Also, they want to know what different people are saying about a particular subject matter and they want to learn about what’s going on in the world from a wide variety of sources because this will help you see things from different perspectives.

4. When you discover that you were wrong about something, you are willing to change your mind. If you are not stuck to a particular thought pattern as regards a particular matter, then you just might be a critical thinker. Evaluative thinkers also knows that it is not possible to be correct every time. So, they welcome all the probability that they don't all have it figured out. So, whenever that happens, they are willing to accept it.

5. You don't like people who insult others If you dislike it when people insult others for lack of a better argument, then you can consider yourself a critical thinker. You can't seem to understand why people insult others and say mean things just because they don’t have something smart to say, or because they can’t convince others to think in a certain way.

6. You are fascinated by how things work, Critical thinkers are fascinated by the way things work and because they are inquisitive people, they usually go the extra mile to learn new things. Even when people accuse them of being news junkies, bookworms and the likes, they don't bother about it (in fact, they see it as a compliment) because as far as they are concerned their curiosity is what matters a lot to them.

7. You can have rational conversations with people you disagree with Again, they understand that it is impossible to be right all the time, which is why critical thinkers can have rational conversations with people they disagree with. They welcome conversations with people that do not share the same opinion as them because they believe that any opinion worth having should hold up to scrutiny. Although they may not change their mind easily, they are usually grateful for the opportunity to learn something new.

8. You over analyze issues that only require a simple answer If you are guilty of turning a small situation into a big one, you're likely to be a critical thinker. You process and over analyze situations/problems in the search for complex answers, even when the answers are pretty straight forward.

9. You expect too much of yourself As a critical thinker, because you are confident of yourself and have the tendency to be a perfectionist, you usually expect too much of yourself, forgetting that you are human with flaws just like every other person. You think that you are well informed enough not to make certain mistakes, so you push yourself way too hard. However, always remember that we all have times when we make wrong choices/decision. Being a critical thinker doesn't make you an exemption. So, try to be patient with yourself and let go of that constant need for perfection!

10. You think way too much than you act Once again, critical thinkers over analyze situation which is why they hardly go beyond the thinking stage. They hardly take actions because they feel the need to have a perfect plan before venturing out. No matter how powerful your brainpower is, if you do not do anything with the several information you have, then it is as good as useless. Yes, you like to find out all the sides to a story or a subject matter, do not get carried away trying to come up with the perfect solution when you should be acting on some of the information you already have.

If you recognize any or all the traits in this article , then you can consider yourself a critical thinker. Thank you very much for reading this article. We’ll like to give you another interesting article for you to enjoy next but before then, our team will be very happy if you can share it with your friends on social media.

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