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10 Insane Theories About Area 51


There are many conspiracy theories that are yet to be unfold. The most amazing and darker conspiracy theory is about infamous Area 51. Some people says its nothing but a mirage to fool enemies of america and some of them says its real. So what is the truth behind this creepy Area? Here are 10 theories that explains what may hiding behind the Area 51.

UFO Engineering


Among the few things we know about the facility officially known as from the airport are it's visible runways and official function as a US Air Force training ground. these factors and the decades of governmental secrecy have spurred theories on what exactly the Air Force is training with. it is widely assumed that the area facilitates are the testing of experimental aircraft but some take the theory a step further. self-professed area 51 whistle-blower Bob Lazar claimed in 1989 that he had worked as an on-site base called S for reverse engineering alien crafts for human usage. he claimed he discovered a substance could elements 115 that powered alien crafts and was using the power sources could advance military vehicles and power production.

Another whistle-blower who remained anonymous was a 71 year old mechanical engineer in the 1996 documentary dreamland. he claimed to have worked on a flying disc simulator originating from a crashed extraterrestrial craft and used to test US pilots. however the credentials on both the whistle-blowers have been widely called into question and most skeptics believe. UFO sightings in the area largely just test flights of the CIA ordered OX5 reconnaissance plane.

Weather Manipulation


this theory comes with the support of the Las Vegas Tourism Bureau, who is official area 51 page boasts about the rumored weather control experiments carried out there. but probably because as area 51 theories go it's one of the least nutty, The vast water shortages across the US could certainly give the government cause to experiment with things like cloud seeding. This process play in spring chemicals into the clouds to encourage precipitation and increase rainfall and is commonly used across America Bernsen.

That wouldn't explain why weather manipulation experiments wouldn't be carried out in one of the most secretive places. But is unless weather control experimentation is taking place for use as a weapon against America's enemies, This would of course explain the secrecy. As the UN prohibits weather modification in warfare but it wouldn't be out of America's wheelhouse. In the 1960's project Stormfury allegedly attempted to weaponize hurricanes and Operation Popeye successfully used cloud seeding to prolong the monsoon season in Southeast Asia disrupting the enemy's army tactics. So area 51 being home to the latest developments in weaponized weather isn't the most far-fetched.

One Small Step 

We think that the moon landings were faked it's conspiracy 101, if you've only heard one far-fetched theory in your life there's a good chance it's this one. But what you might not know is that, one of the pioneers of a theory insists area 51 is an integral part of the supposing cover-up. One of the earliest mentions of the moon landing hoax was in the book "we never went to the moon" in 1976. Its author bill casing was a former US Navy officer and even worked as a senior technical writer for space contractor Rocketdyne.

Rocketdyne built the engines for the Saturn rocket used on the Apollo 11 launch, which K. Casing Plausible credentials. Although, He admitted he knew zero-dark rockets. Despite this knowledge gap Casing claimed in his self-published expose that NASA had discovered by the late 1960's that moon travel would be impossible. Instead he claims that a rocket was launched but the Apollo crew simply orbited the earth, fade days while footage was shown on TV of a stage moon landing filmed in a studio in area 51. Interesting, but it sounds like one giant logical leap to me.

The Majestic 12 

The majestic 12 are two alien conspiracy theories. What Voldemort was to Harry Potter films. There are ones without a move but it's just not the same. the legendary organisation are purported to have overseen and kept secret every US government interaction with extraterrestrial life. Since Roswell in 1947 supposedly created by the executive order of President Truman to oversee the investigation of an alien spaceship recovered in Roswell. The group allegedly consisted of 12 included leading scientists, high-ranking government officials and US Air Force generals who by some accounts went as far as to kill people to protect to US secrets.

Their existence has been spurred on by lease documents most of which have been touted as hoaxes or deemed bogus by the Air Force Office of Special Investigations. But to the ardent believers area 51 has been a lynchpin in the theory. As the supposed meeting place of the committee allegedly, this was where MJ-12 brokered a meeting between President Eisenhower and the aliens here they struck a deal granting them free rein to abduct and probe in return for government access to their technology.

Next Gen Transport

Despite the general notion that area 51 is the central hub of all America's contact with the rest of the galaxy, other rumors suggest goals are more focused on domestic interactions. one of the leading conspiracies is that the base is actually the epicenter for a massive transcontinental railroad system under the ground spanning all of North America. obviously, this one seems like something someone would have stumbled upon it. some point if it was true but it does have grounding in fact.

According to special projects engineer Thornton, TD Barnes test cell facilities were not connected by a railroad system but that seems to be about the extent of it. The other futuristic transport theory surrounding the facility is of the Cheshire Airstrip. In accordance with his namesake the airstrip is supposedly invisible and less water is sprayed on it. apparently, this strip incorporates alien technology. although none of the theories have explained who would benefit from an invisible airstrip, certainly not the people trying to land on it but before we continue we want to hear from you, do you think that the public has a right to know what's inside area 51? let us know in the poll on our Acknowbuzz Facebook page. 

Futuristic Weapons 

According to declassified documents the Homi airport facility. we all know as area 51 was initially created to develop a the Lockheed eut strategic reconnaissance aircraft. Chris Pocock has been researching and writing about the aerospace and defense business for almost 30 years but today he believes the site's purpose shifted asserting that in now functions to develop advanced direct energy weapons and lasers.

This aligns up with a popular theory that in the facility is home to the next generation of "what the area 51 tourism website describes" as exotic energy weapons. obviously though as with all related theories this is subject to some embellishments in the most far-fetched versions. These include lasers capable of vaporizing a human in seconds and weapons developed from re-purposed alien technology. Some even believe that the site is used to develop time travel and alter American history although the theorists. I get to confirm how successful they've been with that. 

Alien Autopsy

a few exceptions alien conspiracy theories were born in 1947 when an unidentified flying object was spotted over Roswell, New Mexico. But they experienced a huge rejuvenation in 1995 with the release of an autopsy fact or fiction. the fog showed screen footage by British entrepreneur Ray Santilli of a lifeless alien creature being experimented on by white suited scientists. Santilli has since out of the footage as fake but claimed it was based on real footage he obtained in 1992. 

The deteriorated too much for wider use this footage supposedly came from a retired military cameraman and depicts the creature recovered from the Roswell crash. Of-course there's a lot of leaps of faith that have to be taken to get to this point but many believe that the Roswell UFO was taken to area 51 to experimentation. So Santini believers have surmised that the footage originates from the facility. Further pieces of real footage released since as spurred on the notion that this area serves as a base for the study of alien forms to develop human medicine and physiological advancement. 

Alien Interrogation 

All the area 51 theories centered around extraterrestrial visitors, which let's face it as most of them the majority focused on crash UFOs and dead spaceman being inspected. But another popular theory is that the site is less of an extraterrestrial morgue and more like an alien dead zone. Where live aliens are tortured and interrogated for intelligence. This theory is supported by some self-professed area 51 whistle-blowers like Bob Lazar. He claimed that while he was in transit to the S-4 base which he allegedly operated. He was privy to one such interrogation through a small window.

He claims he saw a small green alien alive and standing between two men in white coats. Another self-styled whistle-blower corroborates, this notion of an intergalactic prison. The man who only offered the name of Victor claimed in a 1997 radio interview that he'd witnessed an alien interrogation. Victor allegedly saw a human officer attempted to telepathically communicate with a creature whose ship had been shot from the sky. Victor even provided grainy footage of the event and if that doesn't convince you it wouldn't exactly be the first time the U.S. carried out secret telepathic experiments on other species. 

Underground Bunkers 

For decades the US government staunchly denied the existence of area 51. it didn't even officially exist until 2013 after a Freedom of Information request and photos have been few and far between famously. The CIA even tried to block an orbital photo from the 1974 Skylab space mission that included the site. But the photos now available or the facility beg the question why the cipher looks reasonably unremarkable from the air and there's not a UFO in sight. But one theory suggests that the secrets actually lie underground and the thing, area houses a giant underground base with as many as 40 subterranean levels.

Area 51 engineer Thornton Barnes is actually semi confirmed this theory too. He discussed his work on a nuclear rocket program called Project Nerva which took place in a system of underground chambers in the jackass flats basin. Near the site the exact number of levels and a use remains. A mystery though which some claim are kept such as Scouten height buildings that slide away to reveal the bunkers. This theory is corroborated and inevitably escalated by whistle-blower Bob Lazar who claimed that captured UFOs were kept in underground hangars built into the base of a mountain.


Just see if the two million people willing to storm it and see them aliens wasn't enough of an indication. the mystery and secrecy of area 51 has only ever attracted people's attention but one theory suggests that the U.S. is ham-fisted approach to confidentiality is all an elaborate double bluff. the driving force behind this theory is British writer and filmmaker Mark Pilkington. In his 2010 book "The Mirage Men" and the follow-up film of the same title, He outlines that the titular men are a shadowy organization who use UFO conspiracies to hide the truth. 

He claims that this crew from the Cold War and a need for secret weapons in aircraft development to be kept secret from the Russians as ever. It all began with Rosewell, which Pilkington claims is one of the most famous examples of The Mirage Men. Supposedly, alien conspiracies were fed into the public's consciousness to cover up sightings of new prototypes by crafts. it then follows that all Roswell whistle-blowers and every UFO sighting since have been at the hands of the Mirage men who knew that one of the most far-fetched area 51 theories would be aliens.

So that was ten insane theories about area 51. what do you think what else is hiding in this area?

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