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Worlds Least Visited Countries


We all know about countries like France the US Japan and Brazil. These are highly populated frequently visited countries that are always talked about with their globalized pop cultures, but what about the not so touristy but stranger countries. The ones that few people visit and know about while. There's no exact definition of strange because every country has its quirks. My experiences in the following five nations that are Worlds Least Visited Countries and still leave me scratching my head.

1. North Korea


It's hard to explain what North Korea is like to someone who has never been before. It's eerie, it's isolated, people seem depressed, the buildings look nice on the outside but are empty on the inside. I couldn't tell what was staged and what was real, but somehow life does seem to run normally and the underground metro is a perfect display of this.

2. Djibouti


This tiny country on the Horn of Africa is full of foreign military bases. Its heavily securitized in one of the most expensive countries in Africa. I couldn't quite figure out what was happening around me walking down the side streets of Djibouti and to be honest the people were not the most welcoming.

3 Equatorial Guinea


We're here in Equatorial Guinea this Spanish-speaking nation in west central Africa is the most corrupt place i've ever been. They have the second biggest oil reserve on the continent yet the vast majority of their people live in excruciating poverty and you can see the living conditions for these people/ it is extremely, it's also the most expensive country on earth for visitors. Try three hundred bucks a night for a subpar hotel room.

4. Tuvalu


The secondly visited country on earth and located in the middle of the Pacific Tuvalu is made up of nine atolls. The airport runway takes up half the length of the main island and each night it turns into a massive playground. The country's number-one moneymaker is leasing out the domain-name, TV and if you want to eat out the only restaurants you'll find is Chinese.

5. Bhutan


This country is amazing and beautiful and my favorite on this but things are very different here in a good way. So I'm here with Renton and she's gonna teach me some Danka which is their unique language here in Bhutan. First off what is a common greeting Guizhang Paulo. Instead of measuring their growth by GDP they use GNH Gross National Happiness. Their diet consists of red rice and cheesy peppers and they have a weird obsession with penises. Oh and if you want to visit you must pay a tax of 250 bucks per person per day.

If you do get the chance to visit any of these nations then my advice is certainly to go in a sense. They are more enjoyable than the mainstream countries because it gives you a deeper insight as to how other societies function. So what's the strangest country that you've ever been? To please comment below and I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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