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Nazca Lines Secrets 


Peru a country shrouded in mystery located along Peru southern coast lies the Nazca desert. A dry place that stretches for 37 miles along the pacific coast. This place is one of the driest and most scarcely populated places on earth and home to one of the most amazing but secret signs on the planet. Just over 80 years ago locals and visitors alike had no idea these lines even existed. 

Those scholars date the lines and figures back to the days before Christ but how could thousands of perfectly designed lines shapes and intricately drawn animal and plant figures sum over nine miles long go unnoticed. Take a plane ride over the Nazca valley and one of the world's greatest mysteries unfolds. 


The Nazca lines were only first discovered in the 1920's when commercial flights began flying over southern Peru and pilots began reporting strange sights on the desert below and since then the mystery of the lines had captured the mind of the world. But who drew these cryptic images visible only from the sky and more importantly what were they trying to say. 

The gigantic phones were clearly meant for communicating with the gods for that reason. The figures are so huge for the ancient Peruvians. some astrologers expert says "People didn't die, they simply stopped living in this world in order to go on to the next world of their ancestors".

Here are many people that there should have seen many holes around the met travelers flock to this mysterious region of Peru. To see if they can make a cosmic connection for not only in the sky but also on the ground for ancient Nazca. Pottery bears an uncanny resemblance to the modern-day eyewitness accounts of UFOs hovering overhead will scour the desert and the sky to find the missing pieces to this ancient puzzle. 


Eduardo Han is a commercial pilot who has been flying visitors over the lines for decades. Nazca lines are much more than a popular attraction. All around the world is only one Nazca lines isogenic monuments. Flying over the these ancient lines is the best way to appreciate their sheer size but back on solid ground we were able to look closer at the clues. 

The exact number of lines and figures is unknown. Some say there are thousands of images covering over 400 square miles in the Nazca and Palpa regions in general. We count complex of figures in this case for example here we have only one complex but it's composed by at least 12 individual euro.


Archaeologists believe the drawings were made starting in 200 BC long before the Incas and long before visitors began to flock to this mysterious region noticeable. Zod post-war of the geoglyphs was already circulating in the time of the incas and we're considering drawings made by previous generations. The first person who discover the lines in 1920's was Paul Kossoff II. 

Paul Kossoff was an archaeologist who believed that the lines were somehow related to the stars. Kossoff and German mathematician Maria Reich II, both dedicated their lives to understanding the Nazca lines. They both died before they found the answers but their research reveals startling results and after 50 years of research rightly believe the lines and figures comprised a vast astronomical calendar. 

Some of the hieroglyphics do have an astronomical relationship in particular the solstices and equinoxes and also the measurement. We have time on the decisions but the quest for answers soon turned away from the sky and researchers began digging for secrets flowing beneath the earth. Perhaps learning more about how the nazca lived would give researchers insight on what they were trying to say.

Quesa Divas


We know that the water is one of the elements related to the hieroglyphics like the worship of water and fertility. The water for the nazca was extremely important since living in the desert water signified life beginning. They were able to irrigate the desert for farming but in a land that receives an average of 20 minutes of light rain per year. 

How did they do it? One theory proposed that the Nazca lines were related to a system of underground rivers linked to a giant underground aquifer. Could the Nazca lines serve as a clandestine map of secret water sources?. We have enough evidence in the platforms that they built close to the Jollie's. They made different ceremonies especially offerings. We are clearly related to ask waters to the gods. 

The Geoglyphs represent water flows sounds great but there is no solid proof today. Also we could say that these people had the ability to tap into subterranean waters but again to this date we have no proof but by digging up the past. archaeologists found a darker side to the Nazca culture. 

The discoveries of several necropolis four cities of a dead revealed the sacred but gruesome rituals of death. Perhaps it will also reveal the hidden meaning behind the Nazca lines. 

El Costo De Morte


Cult of the dead is a very special practice that was observed in ancient times in the 1920's when airplanes first began to fly over the mystical desert. landscape of southern Peru pilots began reporting mysterious and spectacular signs inched in the desert floor. 

After several decades of dead end theories and talk of UFO's the Nazca lines remained an enigma. Why did the Nazca people actually draw enormous figures lines and shapes in the middle of the desert at a time when no one could fly? 

To find out we'll take a closer look at the landscape of the Nazca Pompe. The entire desert is covered by a layer of ferrous oxide rock that was dispersed from a massive volcanic eruption. Millions of years ago but how do they design these complex patterns over such great distances. We track down the two men who may hold the clues. 

"Mo's Wale Ancho" a professor of history and archaeology and "Jorge Garcia" who worked with the legendary German mathematician "Maria Reiche II" for 30 years. Jorge was present during the discovery of several sites and has a particular artifact that could prove to be a critical piece of the puzzle. We found these tuples in the field somewhere. 

Maria Reiche tried to see how we could make the line more straight with a viewing device or something like that. Our rudimentary surveying tools were apparently found at the site of several Nazca lines.

According to Jorge by allowing light to pass through two of the two pues, one could make a perfectly straight line over a great distance. Jorge believes that the Nazca people created these amazing Geoglyphs spanning thousands of years by using simple instruments and basic geometry. 

Jorge also found several bits of ceramics which could reveal what the lines were used for. This type of ceramic shows how they conducted the ceremonies in these lines in the pampas for Marco. 


According to Jorge Garcia the Nazca believed they were born in distant constellations and the Geoglyphs were signs meant for their ancestors millions of miles away. Peru Copernica had a fantastic criteria of what is cosmic vision. 

The cuckoo is known the cosmic vision who make took it as if they have been born from each constellation called Telefilm but as an archaeologist Josue Lanzhou disagrees with his friend and believes the Nazca lines have a far more earthly significance located less than a mile from the nearest lines. 

The Necropolis of Chacha. 


It is again little Numero Uno. It was a journey to the world of their ancestors. The book in this case this man was an ordinary man, his creeper with passports, his teacher, his calling, his beans. So that he can go to and return from the land of his ancestors archaeologists began finding many of the same ceremonial artifacts and ceramics in these graves as were found at the site of the Nazca lines were the line somehow connected to these elaborate rituals of death.

Akuto La Mort 


A cult of the dead is a very special practice that was served in ancient times but also in cultures throughout the world. In respect to their culture they've channel this practice through their iconography on their textiles and ceramics. 

The ceremonial ceramics found at both Chia and in the pampas. It prove that the Nazca lines were somehow used in ancient rituals but the connection still wasn't clear. The biggest breakthrough came with the discovery of another ancient site the lost city of Cahuachi. 


First thought to be a large urban center Kawachi was actually an entire city dedicated solely to religious ceremonies. Katisa Confederal Kawatche is considered the largest ceremonial center in the world or you can say the biggest city in the world. 

The ancient ceramics found at Kawachi like the ones found Acharya were important clues to the mystery locker Canada Kawachi Allodynia. Nazca plate academy Tante Parada Kawachi and the Nazca lines are only separated by one or two kilometers.

The Arid Esau. 


This was a center dedicated to ceremonial rites. Ceremonial La Pampa and a people of Kauai Una could use the Nazca lines and figures as a location to carry out their ceremonies to the gods. 

Jorge believed the long web of lines found in the desert were interconnecting pathways leading from Kawachi out to the elaborate figures on teeth and each familiar group were composed of segments of about 100 or 200 people per group and each group worship its own minor god. 

For example you could identify one family with the spider another family with a lizard another with a hummingbird they needed a great big temple without walls a great religious stage the pantone examine. What better platform that the pampas were the desert artists drew grand your figures meant for the gods in the high heavens above. 


We may never know for sure what the Nazca lines were meant to say but their magic lies in their obscurity. The Nazca people left great images in the desert not for themselves but for others, for the cosmos or maybe for us. It's possible those people died and the spirit is out on the sky and see the lions and Fermi's. 

The Nazca lines show signs of an advanced civilization but not far from the lines in Peru. Drawings edged into rocks hidden in a cave threatened to rewrite history. The ancient people of Peru created a culture as mysterious as the land itself. The Nazca left behind cryptic signs that modern man has been trying to understand for centuries. 

The inca culture left behind "the ancient temple of Saqsaywaman" in Cusco and the stunning ruins of "Machu Picchu" and in the "small bustling city of IIke" messages from an unknown civilization carved in stone could rewrite history but apple of each stone engraving is like a page from a book with distinct subjects where we can find aspects from astronomy medicine and biology.

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