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How To Sleep On A Plane?

If you have ever struggled to fall asleep on an airplane, here are some of the products that experts told us are the best things to pack. That will help you to sleep on a plane.

Neck Pillow

I've had times when it just feels like your neck is breaking because you've been on a 10-hour flight and you have no support. My hand is going numb 'cause I'm trying to prop my head up, or you're, like, crunched over in the front, and that's not a way that any normal human should try to sleep. One of the things that every expert told us was that you need a neck pillow. This is so you're not leaning on your neighbor and also so you have a very supported neck. 

Eye Mask

How To Sleep On A Plane?

Every expert that we talked to was very insistent on packing an eye mask. It's very important to block out all possible light while you're trying to sleep, and a plane has lots of light.


How To Sleep On A Plane?

Our experts recommended packing melatonin with you in your carry-on if you're trying to sleep on a plane because this can help tell your brain that it's time to sleep and start to unwind, and even if it's not your normal time zone to be sleeping, this can be a little push to help you get snoozing. Do not take this if you haven't gotten on the plane yet. What if your plane is delayed? Then you are all drowsy and weird at the airport. 

Noise Canceling Headphones or Earplugs

How To Sleep On A Plane?

It's a nightmare if you forget your headphones and you're just listening to all this noise and babies crying. That's not a situation when you would ever be trying to sleep in your normal life, so how on earth are you going to sleep on a plane that way? Noise-canceling headphones or earplugs are very important. Starting by blocking out that noise is great. And then taking it a step further, listening to either white noise or music or a meditation app that will help you wind down is very important. 

A Scarf Or A Shawl

How To Sleep On A Plane?

Every plane is gonna be a little different, but a lot of planes tend to be cold. Our experts recommended packing a scarf or a shawl so that you didn't have to rely on those tiny little airplane blankets. There might not even be a blanket on your flight.

Compression Socks

How To Sleep On A Plane?

When you're trying to sleep, it's difficult to do so on an airplane because you're sitting upright. Your heart is working more because you're in this upright position. You want to help your body out by maintaining good circulation throughout the flight. Some of our experts recommended compression socks for just that. I think compression socks get lumped in with older travelers. You don't have to think that way. They're for everyone. 

Blue-Light-Blocking Glasses

One of our experts recommended traveling with blue-light-blocking glasses if you're trying to sleep on a plane. These glasses are made so that it blocks that stimulating light, and your brain can be a little more calm. 

Own Reusable Water

One of our experts recommended bringing your own reusable water on the plane so that you don't have to wait for the stewardess to come down and serve you water. This gives you the freedom to go to sleep whenever you want and not worry about being dehydrated later. You have to drink the water before you go through security, and then once you're past security, fill it up, be ready for your flight. 

These are very easy little things that you can change and bring with you so that you can sleep on a plane.

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