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Greece Travel Guide


Are you planning to travel Greece? Well when planning your trip you first has to decide what Islands you want to visit like Mykonos, Santorini, Melos and Crete. There are a ton of islands here in Greece to choose from. So here are some points that guide you in your travel around Greece.

Let's start off with going over the pros and cons of some of the main places in Greece. This will help you decide where you should go to or start with.

First thing that's come in my Greece Travel Guide is Santorini.


Since that's probably the most popular island in Greece. The pros include the amazing caldera views, unique hotels like the cave hotel. Lots of things to do from, visiting Akrotiri,  going on boat trips and more. You can actually check out Santorini travel guide for a full breakdown of all of this.
The cons include that it's expensive and it's super crowded in peak season.

Second thing that's come in my Greece Travel Guide is Mykonos.


The pros include that it is a fun island with so many spots to party. It has a ton of amazing shopping for clothes, art and more and there are amazing waterfront restaurants.

The cons include it is very busy and loud at night due to all the partying places and there's more tourists and locals. So if you're looking for a really authentic Greece local feel, you might not get that here.

Third thing that's come in my Greece Travel Guide is Melos.


The pros include that it's a quieter island. Full of places to explore and it has one of the most unique beaches you'll ever see known aesthetic and this is also a great place to watch Melos stunning sunrises and sunsets.

The cons include that you will need a car to get around here or some mode of transportation but do note it doesn't take long to get to each place. it's just spread out a little bit but you can check out full guide for what I suggest to do on Melos down below.

Fourth thing that's come in my Greece Travel Guide is Crete.


The pros are that it is the largest island in Greece and with that it means that. There are a lot more affordable hotel options and areas to visit. There’s endless amount of activities, from hiking to chopping and a lot of famous archaeological sites.
The cons is that since it is such a big island you won't get that small island feel and in some parts such as here Aculon where I visited it does feel more like a big city.

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The next thing is that you will need in Greece tour will transportation information. 


So you rent your own car or hire a company. Some people say it takes a minimum of a week with a rental car to barely scratch the surface of the Greece islands. Make sure to note that if you do decide to rent a car you will need an international driver's license, so make sure you figure that out at home before you go.

Travelling Plan According To Time

Once you've narrowed down what places you want to go to, you're going to have to decide what order you want to travel Greece.

Let's say you're staying in Athens. Since people usually spend a day or two here when they first arrive in Greece to see all the history that lies here. 

Now Greece definitely takes some planning since there are a lot of different routes you could take. Depending on what Islands you want to visit. 


Here are some of the common Greece travel guide routes as suggested by other Travelers. 

Athens 》Milos 》Santorini 》Mykonos
Athens 》Mykonos 》Santorini 》Milos Athens 》Paros 》Naxos 》Ios 》Santorini Athens 》Mykonos 》Naxos 》Ios 》Santorini 》Milos 》Crete Athens 》Crete 》Santorini 》Ios 》Paros 》Mykonos

As you can see there are a lot of different routes you can take to travel Greece and you can do these in reverse order as well.

Another good tip for your Greece travel guide.

If you do feel overwhelmed and just want the trip plan for you, So follow a group tour itinerary, that you can find online. As for how long you should spend in each place.

Let's say you have two weeks I'd suggest spending two to three days in each spot. Then larger places like Crete you really could spend a long time there as I had mentioned before, but for places like Santorini and Mykonos 2 to 4 days depending on how much time you want to relax and chill out. This is good in my opinion.

More Details About Travelling Routes in Greece Islands.


Now let's go over some of these routes in a little more detail. So, let's say you decide you want to visit Mykonos, Santorini and Melos and you have two weeks and on average three nights in each spot with two nights in Athens. On your way in and your way out of Greece you can really do this route.

Flight in Greece

Either way going to Mykonos or Melos first to make the most out of your time. I would suggest flying since a ferry does take around five hours, whereas a flight is just 35 minutes. We flee to Greece on Aegean Airlines and there definitely a good airline to consider and they have a lot of flights to and from the different islands in Greece.

Ferry in Greece

Then once you are on either Melos or Mykonos, a ferry to Santorini is only around 2 hours but do make sure to check the ferry schedule. Checking a schedule is one foremost thing that should be in Greece Travel guide. If you're going to be going in non-peak times, because the ferries don't run is frequently during the winter months and in peak season and make sure to book your ferries in advance because they do fill up.


If you're the type of traveler who wants to see a lot in a short period of time, you can totally do just two nights in each spot and in two weeks hit Athens 》Mykonos 》Naxos 》Ios 》Santorini 》Milos 》Crete. With the route like this some of your ferry rides will be super short. With Mykonos to Naxos only taking 30 minutes on a high-speed ferry and Naxos to Ios taking an hour. Then once you arrive in your last island either Melos or Mykonos you can take a flight back to Athens and then home. That will conclude you trip to Greece and the end of the Greece travel guide.

If you guys want more details on what to do on some of the islands when you travel to Greece and how much hotels cost and the best way to get around you can check out some other vlogs where you find full complete travel guides on Santorini, Mykonos, Melos and Crete.

Alright guys so that is it for my guide to travel Greece. This is honestly such a fun and beautiful place to travel, so I highly recommend it.

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