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Do Aliens Exist? 


It is a questions that human race is asking from a century. The race to make contact with extraterrestrials has been sluggish at best. Astronomers estimate that earth is just one of 40 billion earth-like planets in the galaxy. If that's so then, where is everybody? and why haven't we heard from them? Scientists have a number of unhappy explanations. 

There's a chance that aliens communicate significantly slower or faster than us so that any signals they send our way we wouldn't recognize their language or it's possible that the technology we use to listen for aliens hasn't been around long enough. Here are three major possibilities that somehow help us find out do aliens exist or not.

1. SETI Program 

The SETI program has only been listening for signals since 1984 to find if is there any alien species exist or not, which means any signal more than 32 light years from earth is still on its way. It could be this space is simply too big. Meaning it takes far too long for signals to travel from one advanced civilization to another. Humans have only had the technology to transmit messages into space for a little more than 100 years. So it is possible that we could go extinct before any of our transmissions reach an alien race.

2. Potential Life Forms

The same goes for other potential life forms in the universe or perhaps our understanding of how life evolves is flawed and intelligent beings like us are extremely rare. We might be the only beings in the galaxy with technology capable of sending signals across the galaxy. It's also possible that intelligent life will destroy itself before it has the chance to make contact the human race. Flirted with nuclear holocaust at the height of the cold war it's not implausible to imagine that aliens might have had a similar situation but chose the holocaust over survival.

3. Highly Advance Extraterrestrials 

Another possibility is that a small number of highly advanced aliens are wiping out all of their life-forms before they have the chance to communicate. Some suspect that such a race would have advanced technology that made them undetectable by our inferior methods. But perhaps the most disturbing aliens know we're here but we've been isolated from any form of communication. We could be like animals in a zoo that aliens are observing from a far to see how we evolve naturally. Will we ever know if the aliens exist. Only time will tell.

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