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Ancient Sex Facts That Will Blow Your Mind 

Its okay to openly talk about sex but in India as a society, sex is a topic that is still a taboo. Schools don't allow you to get up in class and say you know, "ma'am is it okay for somebody to be homosexual" or a lot of people don't think its okay to ask questions about sex. And some come from a society where sex topic is normal just as education. So today I just kind of wanted to talk and explore some of the crazy sexual rituals that existed in history, which I know today if we looked upon in this modern day society we would be like what? How is that acceptable? So here it is, some of the craziest, whackiest sex rituals and just some fun stuff!

1. Harem of King Tamba of Banaras

Sex Facts

Kings around the world were known to have harems and concubines but check this out, India comes in at number one! With King Tamba of Banaras. In the 6th century, he is known in history to have one of the biggest harems of sixteen thousand women. He even had the chief queen who was like the mother of all these sixteen thousand women in his concubine.

2. King Ghiyas-Ud-Din-Iwaz-Khilji. 

Sex Facts

He had a concubine of fifteen thousand women and infact he had made a separate city for these women for these harems which was just another wall city which he had made. And even today that wall city exists and it is the Jahaz Mahal in Mandu.

3. Masturbated Into The Nile River


Now imagine in today's day and age where suddenly it was acceptable for a group of men to come here, stand on this parapet, and basically do a group wank. Ya, I mean in ancient Egypt it was actually considered to be as auspicious if all the men came together and masturbated into the Nile river . Because they believed that they were blessing The Nile, The ebb and the flow of the water helping the crops. I mean think about the poor fisherman who was actually at the end of that Nile.

4. Earl Of Condom

Sex Facts

So the condom was invented by this guy who I called the Earl Of Condom. And he was actually a British physician in the court of Charles the second. The king commanded him and asked him to invent something that would prevent him from getting syphilis. And apparently oiled intestines at that time were big hit when it came like choosing materials for condoms.

5. Coronation Ceremonies 

Sex Facts

As far as coronation ceremonies go this one takes the cake. So in ancient Sumeria when a king was being coroneted, he had to go and have sex with the chief priestess in front of all his subjects. And if the sexual act was successful then everybody would come together and rejoice because they knew that it would be a year blessed with good harvest.

6. First Vibrator


So apparently Queen Cleopatra could have been the first person to ever invent a vibrator. She had this little thing which called the army gold gourd and she was known to put bees inside that and the movement of the agitated bees would lead this thing vibrating and I don't need to describe anything more because you can figure it out. But officially the first vibrator ever recorded was in 1734 in France and it was knows as the 'Tremoussoir'.

Sex Facts

So Paleolithic art which dates back to almost thirty thousand years. They have found some of these art pieces which shows people playing with sex toys. So basically that means that man invested sex toys before he even invented the wheel. So what do you think guys?

if you thought that this was a fun reading Ancient Sex Facts so, share it on social media and leave suggestions it in the comments below. Because I have so many more sex facts that I can share with you. I'll catch you again very soon.

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